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PrazeMe Employee Performance Management System

PrazeMe is a cloud based performance management system designed to make it easy to do standardized assessments. Personnel assessments are also called employee reviews, employee appraisals, 360 reviews, but they are all basically the same thing. You need to assess the quality of a subordinate or co-worker in the functions of their job.

This is often a painful process and very hard to be consistent with each person you write a review for.

PrazeMe changes this. It makes it easy, with a step by step interview process about key attributes that make sense.

Learn more about the PrazeMe Employee Performance Management system here PrazeMe replaces our old desktop product, PA Composer. PrazeMe is a full service cloud based solution.

WPF TreeListView 2016 - A .NET Library

High Performance UI Virtualized WPF Hierarchical List View Control

The WPF Tree List View is designed to allow you to represent your hierarchical data in a great tree driven list view. The control has been designed for high performance data scenarios and is in use around the world in over 50,000 installations. We are now offering it to other developers to utilize in their applications.

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Consulting Services

The heart of Seekford Solutions is its consulting practice. We don't profess to do everything as any experienced professional will tell you a jack of all trades excels at nothing.

We pride ourselves on our core competencies and only accept work assignments for projects that we will deliver nothing less than excellence.

Our core competencies are the following:

Core Development Technologies


Mobile Space
    HTML5 - Responsive Design
    Windows Phone
C++ (maintenance only contracts currently accepted)
    MFC/Maintenance Development

Sql Server

Primary Project Types

Large scale n-tier enterprise applications >50,000 users

Hardware device interactions
    Show controls
    Serial devices
Internet Protocol specifics and deep understanding

Backend Infrastructure and Architecture

Code Performance Optimization

Please understand that we can go into almost any project to facilitate in specific development stages, consult ad-hoc on mission critical tasks, and provide a back stop for difficult questions on a retainer basis.

It is highly common for us to come in to simply optimize poor performing projects or alleviate scaling and design issues.

Please email with your consulting queries.

We are happy to sign NDA's as needed.


Founded in early 2001, Seekford Solutions is a leading software development company with an emphasis on developing components for use by other developers. Using a unique approach to the software development process, Seekford Solutions has positioned itself in the developer community as creating high quality products that are easy and intuitive saving programmers hours of work on a routine basis.

Seekford Solutions mission began changing during the early part of 2005 as the consulting practice began to grow and the component division's competition began to operate on lower margins and on foreign soil.

In 2011, Seekford Solutions officially transitioned to focus on its consulting practice and ceased production of most of our publicly purchaseable programming libraries.

The core mission and strategic direction of the company is now focused heavily on supporting major projects for large and mid-sized companies. The value created by the company's experience and history allows for lower cost higher quality development.

Seekford Solutions is a premier Tampa, FL based consulting practice based on Microsoft Technologies and embracing the most complicated and intensive projects that would otherwise fail in the hands of other company's internal development teams.

Contact us!

We work in a highly distributed remote environment due to high travel demand and low overhead operations. We embrace the concept of "work where it's comfortable". Our engineers might be on-premise, at a cofee shop discussing design strategy, or at one of our company workstation "hotels" (leased space).

To better manage our customer experience, we travel to their sites or embrace being green with remote video or telephone conferences.

This allows us to provides better service at a lower cost and meet our mission for having a low carbon footprint.

You can email our general consulting email at

If you wish to escalate further, our CEO has an "open door" policy and responds to emails personally.

He can be reached at brian at

We are based out of
Tampa, FL